18 December 2008

Wow - poor ignored blog....

Looks like Stitch and Tell had a face lift since the last time I posted - thanks to Miss Maisy. It's AWESOME!!! Thanks Maisy. If you are looking for some cute jewelry - have a look at her Etsy shop - http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=6428180. Forgive my blog handicap - I still haven't figured out how to imbed links without it looking like that - oops.

The holidays are upon us - and I don't know about the rest of you - but I am glad to see the year is almost over. I am anxious for a new year - a new begining - a do over - a time for new dreams and new visions - are you ready??

The next few weeks will be a whirlwind around here, but I hope to be back to pay some much deserved attention to my neglected blog - it looks so fabulous now that it will just be calling my name. :D

29 June 2008

Join the declutter crew

Taking a break from the stresses of the week, I had some time today to reflect on a trend that I have noticed whilst catching up with my favorite blogs: downsizing and decluttering for a simplified life. My HOST friends quirky, booger and mava are now following the declutter mantra too - and I have to admit, it is really quite liberating. Choosing between food and extras makes one wake up to the realization that things are changing - and like it or not, you have to change with them.

I have been working for months now to declutter the things that have piled up in my life from dealing with the stresses of changes in my world. One thing that I have noticed is that as the clutter piles up, it seems like a physical manifestation of the stress in my mind - something that I have not been dealing with very well this past year. Dealing with my clutter has also forced me to deal with my stress, and somehow, dealing with that stress has caused a shift in my mindset: to see this as a time to make changes for the better.

I will leave you with my declutter mantra that I have been sharing with my friends...

Declutter Crew: have you found your 27 items to put away, donate or toss today? Remember that you didn't make the clutter happen overnight, and you won't make it go away overnight. Slow and steady wins the race! Find your inspiration for ridding your life of clutter and hang on tight - it's gonna be a bumpy ride...

08 March 2008

A booger came to stay...

Have you ever seen an Etsy 'Boogerelli' creation? If not, you are missing the chance to have a unique piece of fun art in miniature form! This cute little guy was sent to me with big hugs from his creator, Shannon, aka Boogerelli:

Shannon makes fabulous polymer clay booger figures, that are sent in their own personalised gift boxes. Check out her shop: Boogerelli and scroll through the listings; often each item has its own individual tale to tell :)

07 March 2008

Welcome to my blog

Today is a new day. Yesterday was fraught with ups and downs that I would like to close out of my mind for a while. Life is entirely too short too dwell on the worst that life as handed you. Today is the first day of my blog, so WELCOME! Come in and sit a spell - we'll shoot the breeze about the latest craft project; find a few crafty friends; spin a good tall tale and discuss the ups and downs of life. This will be our retreat and I hope you will come back and take the ride with me into this new experience.